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Welcome to the ABC-library site

A library for Finite Element Computations.


ABC-library is a library of C-functions for:


  1. Finite element computations: Finite element solvers for elliptic and parabolic problems, finite element grids, and finite element basis functions.
  2. Solvers for systems of linear equations: Standard direct and iterative solvers
  3. Functions for reading input: Text-input using macros, if-then-else-tests, variables and calculations.


Abc-lib is a library of C-functions for building finite element applications. The library has Finite Element (FE) solvers for elliptic and parabolic problems in 1- 2- or 3-dimensions with flexible boundary conditions. These FE-solvers are based on functions for FE grids, FE basis functions and solvers for linear equation systems. The solvers cover the standard direct and iterative solvers. In addition, Abc-lib comes with functions for reading input, where the input may apply macros, if-then-else-tests, numerical calculations and variables. Finally, there are also functions for storing the results in a machine/platform independent way. Some simple applications are included for demonstration and testing, along with documentation.

See examples of graphics output here.

Abc-lib does not include any tools for graphics or for making graphical user interfaces, (GUI's). Users of the library are suggested to take a look at Tcl/Tk for interface building and VTK for building visualization tools.

The library is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Download: abc-lib.tar.gz (source code and documentation)

Notice that the library comes with no warranty, see the GNU license, and be aware that both the library and the documentation are under development. Abc-lib was formerly known as MLib.

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